About Me

21. Daydreamer. Internet-addict. Coffee-lover. Introvert. 
Frustrated photographer/artist/musician/writer. 
Part-time bookworm and potato couch. 

 Blogging History 
I started blogging when I was in second year high school. My first platform was Friendster blog. But after a year or two, I found my posts very childish that I decided to delete it. I made another one but deleted it again because of some heart issues. Then I made a personal Friendster account and made another blog with that account (yeah, I have two Friendster blogs running at the same time). But I guess it's nonexistent now due to that update Friendster made. I didn't bother exporting the posts anymore. I also posted a few times in my Multiply account. This blog on the other hand, I hope my memory serves me right, was before that blog with my personal Fs account. I just want a place to write my rants and my everyday happenings. This has been up for years now and for more years I hope.