October 23, 2007

The Boy.

I remember the boy, but I don't remember the feeling anymore.

Nothing. This line just popped out of my head. Recently, we're talking more often. I mean not talking but texting, exchanging quotes, etc. About two to three messages weekly. (Yes, I can that's often, compared to none of before.)

It used to be a different feeling when he does that, a somewhat shiver. A special feeling he causes with those simple messages, purely platonic though. Nothing romantic, yet it still felt completing.

But I repeat, “It used to”, because it’s not the case anymore. And I guess will never be for the tomorrows to come.

We may have not ended up together, like what we promised, as we hoped, and would like to keep for each other before. But I am glad it was you - my first.

We had not talked about us since that day. It’s not about talking of us as together, but I guess I haven’t thanked you yet. You taught me a lot of things. I bet you know what are those.

Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU pare.

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