October 16, 2007

Just A Thought.

Contradictions. Life is full these; maybe because life itself is one big contradiction.

I once read from somewhere:
"We are born with two incurable diseases:
LIFE from where we die,
and HOPE which tells us maybe death is not the end."

At first thought, maybe you'd agree - just like me at first heartbeat…

If you were never born at all, just sheer extinction from this ever ironic world, would you be facing all the hardships of survival, acts for self-preservation, and nightmares of death? … Surely, NOT. Because at that point, you are JUST a matter occupying space, not even contributing to any little progress to the entirety of humanity - [As I would quote from one of my Clinical Instructors.]

But then, you are not. You are alive. Which means you need to prove not only to your Clinical Instructors but to the whole ironic world that you are not just a mere matter occupying space in this planet. Rather, you are someone significant to the continuity of life - the life that’s full of contradictions.


♥ Telling you happiness lies on your choice; when choosing to be happy is pretending.

♥ Telling you patience is a virtue and that there’s a gift for those who wait; when you are really waiting for nothing.

♥ That you’re an incomplete individual in need to seek of your other half to complete you, when all along you survived the womb and were born alone.

♥ That in loving, you need to leave a little something for yourself and do not give it all; for in case of shattering, at least something whole is left for you . While others say, give your all when loving because you do not want to end up regretting the “what-might-have-been”s.

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