October 14, 2008

let's see.

ok. so it's sembreak, and there's loads of things running in my mind.
i want this time to be fruitful and i don't know where to start. let's see my to-do-list:

1. finish my gift for term. that was way overdue.
2. watch a movie/s [either on dvd or movie house]. i'm beginning to be a sucker for movies.
3. finish the tv series i've missed. that would include heroes, grey's anatomy, gossip girl.
4. read my ebooks. there's about ten or more.
5. get enough sleep.
6. catch up on my friends' stories. bond with them as well. both for high school and college friends.

hmmkey. i guess that's it. 1 have two weeks or so to accomplish all this. *fingers crossed*

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