October 14, 2008

Usapan ng Nagtatalong Utak

From my Friendster Blog. Posted: May 15, 2007

Utak1: What’s you’re view about letting go? Is it fine or not?

Utak2: I guess it depends on the situation.

U1: Huh?

U2: It is NOT fine to let go if you know that the person you love do loves you back. On the contrary, if you learned that the one you love is in love with another, then letting go is the best solution.

U1: How come it would be the best answer?

U2: Because at last his free, he can now be truly happy. And that’s all I want for him - to be happy. Even if not with me. He’s happy then I got what I want. Fair.

U1: How did you know that would make him happy?

U2: The mere fact that he chose it over me, proves that it’s his new happiness. I used to be his happiness. And leaving me is leaving his happiness. For something greater, something that makes him more happy, i guess.

U1: Guess!? See, you’re not sure? And how about you? Have you thought about your own happiness. He is your happiness, and you’re letting him go. You’re letting go of you’re happiness.

U2: Sacrifice and time. It takes a little sacrifice and time. I wouldn’t be a hypocrite to say it wouldn’t hurt but I’m willing to endure the pain. I’ll grieve, that’s for sure. But only for awhile and not over my own body. I’ll be grieving for the love that had died. Only stupid persons, irrational rather, bury themselves alive. I’ll be over it in time.

U1: You’re not sure, are you?

U2: If you’ll believe me, I’ll be sure, because you’re half of me…

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