November 23, 2008




For the longest time, I was able to see a rainbow again. :) A feeling of nostalgia hit me that day. I cannot recall at what exact date was I last able to witness this kind of 7-colored wonderful sight; with as much as I wonder since when did I started feeling good whenever seeing nature's beauty. I guess living in a city as mine, with the pollution and all, makes me appreciate rare sceneries easier.


Nostalgia. No, it's more of a de ja vu - I'm going back to Plaridel. Yeah, and I'm going back to Sir Miguel! 

The same day (with the rainbow), schedule for the first rotation of duties were realesed. And that provides a tangible proof that yes, it's the time of schooling again alloted for clinical uniforms, real patients, NCPs, etc. Plus sleepless nights, I almost forgot.
7 PM to 7 AM , graveyard for the first two weeks of duty.


I hate being in the place where I seem to be an enemy to one. I know I'm not Miss Congeniality, but I also do know I'm not being too difficult to be not friends with someone, eventually if time permits. 

But hell, I think I just screwed myself in that position now. And I hate it. I hate to avoid a person because I know were not in good terms. I hate it more that I'm not in good terms with a person I actually haven't been in good terms with YET. No relationship whatever established yet and the reality that it was doomed spurt out suprisingly... All because of that word 'fairly'. 

I won't go in details with the story, but it's all about checking the quiz, corrections and stuff. (I hope you'd already pictured it out.) Literally and figuratively, 'fairly' was the answer.

It gave me another reason to hate being in the pilot class - GC people. Can't they just settle with what they got? Because once and for all, that's all they are, all they've got, the sheer reflection of how far they know. Pathetic.


And I continue to be pissed with this person on the last post. The one getting into my nerves with his gradually peeling of skin, exposing the true him. Like i wish I was deaf whenever he speaks! Because he spaeaks all about... all about BOASTING. 

Brag, I think that's all his mouth can say. With all his lines like 'Based on stock knowledge, Sir' and 'Classmates, 'wag kayong magpaka-toxic, ako nga 'di nag-aaral e.' (whick I guess were all unnecessary), I begin to loathe him more. *sigh*

I hate feeling hate for people who are actually affecting me indirectly, I mean like unconsciously, they do things to make me hate them. Because if you'll think about it, it's my decision whether I'll allow myself to be affected by their actions. But that doesn't acquit them. I still blame them for making me abhor them... they pushed me. 


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