January 6, 2009


18 Reasons Why He Loves Me. ü [So Sweeeeeet.♥]

1. i love the way that i know youll never give up on me.,

2. i love the fact that i would not ever give up on you

3. i love the way you inspire me to be more than i am

4. i love the way i cant imagine a day without you in my life

5. i love the way if we were separated, i wouldnt know how to go on

6. i love how i know you'll always be there when i need you to be

7. i love how when i dream of my life partner the only person that i can see is you

8. i love how complete how i fell when i am with you

9. i love the way you laugh

10. i love your thoughtfulness and tenderness

11. i love the way even though we maybe miles and miles apart, i still feel like you're right here with me

12. i love the way you demand respect but are not controlling

13. i love how i would do anything in this world to make you happy

14.i love how our romance feels like the perfect romance movie

15. i love lying in bed at night talking about nothing but you

16. i love the way you handle troubled times

17. i love those cute nicknames you made (TERM!) ^^

18. i love how if i died right now i would be the happiest person knowing i have you in my life

*I'll post mine later. :) I already have mine, but I made it on the spot while I was making the video so there's no text copy.

P.S. Term, I know you even want this deleted yet I'm making another copy. SORRY. :P

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