April 17, 2009

Watt Pad?

I'm not a bookworm. I don't think I'll ever be. But at times one just really have to spend time reading some good reads. I admit I finished reading only a couple of books (and I mean by a couple is about 10 or less.)

I actually can't remember the very first book I was able to read cover to cover. But I think it was an R.L. Stine's Chronicles of Cataluna Drive. I just grabbed the book (a pocketbook actually) from my cousin's things because I need to come up with a book review during my 1st year(?).

And when everybody else are going gaga over Harry Potter series. I didn't get hook, so that made it clear that I haven't read any of the 7 books. But I'm planning to, if time won't forbid. especially now that I can read it continuously because all 7 books are done. :) And above that, because i have WattPad in my hand. :))

It's a Java application installed in your phone where you can read books. Very handy, right? By this application, I was able to read the first of the Twilight Saga. :) I don't have to buy the bulky books and carry it with me just to be able to read it. I just need my phone and I'm good.

During the Holy Week, I planned to read several books; since I thought I'll get bored in the province. But then I was kept busy with my cousins and the cards, so I was just able to finish 2 books.

1. Tuesdays With Morrie. I have already read The Five People You Meet In Heaven during 2nd year college and I liked it so much that I want to read this after. But I can't find someone to lend me [HAHA. I don't spend much on non-nursing books]. Finally, I finished it and liked it as much as the first Mitch Albom book I've read.

It's about a professor to the last of his days teaching - not lessons in class but lessons of life. :)

I really can't forget this line:
"Love is the only rational act."
-- quoted by Morrie from Levine.

2. The Alchemist.
It's really been my goal to read all Paulo Coelho books. Now, I've started with one - The Alchemist. The story is all about how everyone has their Personal Legends to fulfill and how one should keep on achieving it once he knew of it. :) As I would quote from the book:
"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."
-- The Alchemist
It teaches one not to give up on what he wants no matter what. 'Coz if it's really for you, then the Man Above has His ways of giving it you. :)

Those books somehow gave meaning and sense to my Holy Week. :)

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  1. i also use wattpad. ^^ pero sa pc lang... at saka di na ako masyadong nakakapagbasa kasi di ko alam kung anong pwede pang basahin dun :)