April 13, 2009

With the Almost Unbearable Heat, I'm Back.

And I don't now how to start things off. I'm too bothered that I can't pull my thoughts together, afraid it will all crash. Family, school, relationship, weather(?). I just might start with the day I announced I'm on hiatus.

  • Sunday.
Tasted my first shots of Matador. :) HEHE. This was really a fun night at Aiyee's house. Reunited with my high school loves - NBA. We're not complete though but then there were guests to fill up those who are absent. :D Things we did:
* Videoke [Si Don at Carla lang naman kumanta]
* Mafia [Cards version]
* 1,2,3 Pass [The consequence was the Matador shot]
* Read My Lips [Boo! Pachi and Art. Losers. HAHA.]
* The Chismis Game [That's what we call it. HEHE.]

photo from Aiyee's phone
  • Monday.
I thought we will be leaving by this day to go to our province like our usual routine during Holy Weeks - the reason I told you guys I'll be on hiatus. But blame my younger brother for this, because that did not seem to be the plan instead we went to the mall since it's a holiday. So yeah, I was still able to browse this site and the others [FS, Multi, FB] greatly holding on not to overdo or post whatsoever as part of the Holy Week abstinence. O:)

  • Tuesday & Wednesday.
Just the usual day, as much as I can remember.

  • Thursday.
We left Manila at 5AM and arrived in Zambales by 11AM. Quite a long ride because of the traffic jam. Then played cards already with my cousins upon arrival. HAHA. Then I think I slept all afternoon and then tried connecting to the web thru my phone [via GPRS]. It was successful enough the I was able to browse FS, Multiply, and FB. It's time consuming though plus the networks sometimes fail in the middle of your browsing. But I think that's still fine with me since its FREE. HAHA. IDK, I thought I'd be charged 5 Php for every 15 minutes but my load's not even deducted with a peso and I can still browse with 0 balance. HEHE. :D

By night, the adults were out [on a wake of a relative I think] so the youngs stayed late doing some catching up. I think I'll have a separate entry for those things we talked about. It's about a rebel-cousin-thing.

  • Friday.
Stayed at home whole day. Just played cards again the whole afternoon! [Tong-its!] I actually wasn't able to take a bath. HAHA. [Boo!] Bad bad habit of playing cards. And FYI, we play with money involved [not much, though]. I know it's a Good Friday! Tsk.
Before sleeping, I soundtripped using my cousins iPod. C'mon! I'm so emo that night. HAHA.

  • Saturday.
We woke up early at about 6AM. We went to the beach and had our breakfast there. We can't stay long that's why we just went sooo early since we have a family reunion to attend to, which starts before lunch. There I saw other cousins. Back home at 6PM, I sang a bit [no, I think not a bit. HEHE] using the Magic Sing then PLAYED CARDS AGAIN! Yes, and now until 12 midnight. Then had our midnight snack before going to sleep.

After another long ride, were finally back to Manila around 11PM.

Our summer duties' are about to start. I don't think I'm ready.

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