January 18, 2010

I'll Soon Forget This, Like It Didn't Happen.

Day 17: Reality

It was just me and two of my friends, the guy and the girl walking towards us in that dark parking lot and benches on a Sunday...
It was around 7PM. Cindy asked me if I want to grab some snack, I was reluctant but agreed eventually. We gone out of the laboratory and ate.

I saw a silhouette of two people afar while walking our way back to the building. If you were there, you really couldn't help but notice them because except from the guard, it's only the five of you who are there at that very moment. As the figures get closer, I concluded it's a guy and a girl. That point my heart started beating faster, because those figures seemed to be someone familiar. How can I not tell, it's been someone I always long to see... but not in this kind of situation; not in a scene where he holds someone else's hand, not where I'm unsure if he did ignore me, not where he didn't waved back at me when I waved at him, not where they hugged and laughed after they passed our backs that I wish I didn't see. I wish nothing like this happened. I wish we could've finished eating a little bit earlier or a bit overtime. I wish I just didn't go out. Sucks that some little decisions can change your whole night.

Sometimes, I think coincidence fails; and at one point, things are just really fated to happen. I have always known that the one who gave you (photo above) to me has someone else to replace my part now. I always believe I'm cool with that, and that I'll still be doing fine despite the pain it caused me at first. But I'm sorry because I thought wrong. Everything only gets real when you see it by your naked eyes and you feel it with your heart. I'm still not fine.

- Basha, One More Chance

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