February 8, 2011

Letter #2. A Letter to Someone You Miss

Dear G aka Inspi,
First, yes, I miss you that's why you're getting this letter. :) Our closeness maybe very 'text-message type' but we know it's not limited there. It may not also be as constant as a best-friend type but we know that it is enough. And we know that despite long days/weeks of absence, we still care for each other.

Second, I want to thank you for trusting me and not doubting my intentions of continuing my connection with you despite the fact that your brother's and mine already did. When I ask you how are you, you answer me correctly and tell things about YOU and not about your brother that's why I like you so much. :)

I think I have somehow seen you grow from those good old days in your home until now that you are telling me stories about this guy (which I seriously need some update on). You were boyish then with all the kick-ass guitar playing, table tennis, and many more skills that you have. And now look at you! I honestly don't know what to say but to be safe, welcome to 'cupid's arrow-stricken' club. :) And you know you can always confide with me about these matters, just in case you need one.

We have a wayyy overdue movie date which I hope will push through some time this month when both of our schedule permits. It's Valentine's, how timely. :)

But let me go back to the very reason I'm writing you today - that is to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) Stay the same little sister for me (coz I don't have one) and may God bless you with all the good things you deserve and those that you're hoping for as well. I know he will because you've been a good girl, friend, sister and daughter! Again, I miss you and I love you. I hope to see you the soonest time possible.

♥ From someone who misses you,
Ate E.

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