February 16, 2011

Single? Single!

Random Fact: I'm a sucker for musical love teams. Haha. ♥

Just now, I listened to Taylor Swift's Enchanted and Googled why is Adam Young (Owl City) getting his own version of the said song. Apparently, the song is for him. There's been some deciphering that happened since Taylor is known to give hints on for whom is she writing that particular song. People have decoded it and poof! ADAM was the answer. But how can they be sure it was for Adam Young? That I'm not sure of. All they say is that all the lyrics fit him. Just Google it yourself anyways if you want more details. :) I just find it veryyy sweet for you to write a song that just the both of you know. :))

Aside from them, way long before, I also admire the team-up of Kyla and Jay-R. I still do until now. They're known as the RnB princess and prince. I love how the voice of one compliments the other whenever they're singing those love songs; I can't help but fall for their tandem. During SOP days, I remember Janno and Ogie being vocal how they're rooting for the two to bring the on-screen chemistry to real life. That is even during the time that Kyla has Rich Alvarez already, and telling them it's never too late. :) Sadly, that never came into life, instead I believe they just settled to being 'soulmates'. Now Kyla is engaged with Rich Alvarez, her first boyfriend and we can say her last as well. :) While Jay-R is with Krista now, a beauty queen.

On top of all these pairs would be my current obsession - Julie Ann and Elmo - or more popularly known as JuliElmo. :) None of it was planned, it just happened. Staff was thinking of what production number would fit each artists since it's a new show (Party Pilipinas). They've got a beautiful singer who can also play the piano and guitar and a talented rapper who's got it from his father - the master rapper himself. Both are of the same age, so what prod would be better than a duet? How timely that there's tons of duet songs teens can relate to nowadays, making it easier to love the already lovable tandem of the two. Maybe it's what they call fate. :) Unsurprisingly, it wasn't all the two could offer. They've shown everyone that they've got a shot on acting as well. That is after the 3-part short film entitled 'Red Mask'. And now they're given another acting job, and they're doing it live this time for a rap musicale called 'Wazak'.

As a fan, I would like them to get together in real life. Haha. That's just wishful thinking of course but who knows? And best question, why not? :) Haha. No pressure though. They're still both young and I know they're focused on whatever they're doing - Julie Ann is juggling all these things with school and Elmo being obedient on what is asked of him to do. I understand that they are both doing their jobs and I must applaud both of them because they're doing it very well. We won't feel all this 'kilig' if they're not, right? Thank you for setting a good example to the youth as well. And most of all thank you for making us, your single fans, feel the love just by seeing you perform. Keep it up! :)

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