March 18, 2011

Just Like A Tattoo

I've been itching to get inked for years now. I think I actually have this task on my bucket list. Haha. College is a bad time to have one coz of the grooming rules plus it's unlikely for a profession like ours. But now that I've graduated and now a 'professional', it gets me to considering one. Haha. I don't plan to have my whole body as canvass and I just like plain black or at least just one ink to be used for that certain design. I just want some little, meaningful tatts. Here is an idea:

Because I love Harry Potter, I'll have something like this.
Maybe the Deathly Hallows Sign or Accio or Obliviate spell.

Best place to get inked in the Phil is P & P. Here's their page if you want to know more:

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