April 13, 2011


Been busy the past couple of days, starting from the completion of IVT cases. I slept over my friends' apartment so we could go to the hospital altogether but we failed the first day, nagkatamaran! Haha. Shhh! My parent's didn't know. :D But we pushed ourselves for the second day. We were there Saturday from 6AM to 10PM to make up for the previous day! But we still need to go back for we still have blood transfusions to accomplish.

Sunday, I went to Japs mini-concert. First time to see her in person as well as fellow fans. Twas a fun night! Elmo was her surprise guest, so I got to see him in person too. And I went home late again. >.< Strike two!

Monday, I met up with KC to go to Morong. We visited our bestfriend Tin on her father's wake. :( Thursday when she messaged us to pray for her father then early Saturday, I woke up with a sad news that her father died. :(

Tuesday, I opt to miss my friend's birthday party, knowing I'll be home late again if I come. Nagpapa-good shot muna. :)

Wednesday [today], we're supposed to be back to the hospital but my friends got some last minute change of plans so I'm stuck at home 'til Saturday (when we re-sched going to the hospital). That made me regret not having to go to the party last night. :|

Now it's time to chill! Finally!

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