March 10, 2008


it started with text messages...

it grew the same manner...
it nearly ended, again, with a text...

but t'was long ago,
it never did end...
i hope not until forever...
* * *

so. last night. naghalungkat ako ng mga text msg.
hinahanap ko kasi yung password ko for the schooltxt.
'di ako excited.
para prepared na kung sakali.
but so much for that. that's not the main content of this post.

so aun nga. sa paghahanap ng password,
andame kong nakita. and i was surprised,
naka-save pa pala ang mga ito
(panahon ng kawalang pag-asa):
APRIL 3, 2007
"Only few people in this world are born to love sincerely...
you are lucky if one of those few is in love with you... ü"
♥ hmmm. sino kaya yun? ü

APRIL 14, 2007
"Some people are sweet at first...
Always has time for you at first...
Serious at first...
But why do people change after you love them so much?
Maybe all romantic moments only happens at first...
and never LASTS."
♥ awts. naging ganun ba ako?

APRIL 15, 2007
"In life we search for answers because we want to prove ourselves that we had the right decisions but the truth is we can't search for what's not there. Things happen because it's meant to happen. That's why we forgive people even if they hurt us, we LOVE people who don't LOVE US BACK and we smile despite ebery painful crash in out hearts. After all, the lessons we get are the answers to our decision. ü"
♥ second awts. haha. in-emphasize talaga e no?

APRIL 16, 2007
"Masakit 'pag 'di mo nakikita ang taong mahal mo... 'Di mo mahawakan... 'Di mo malambingan... 'Di mo maalagaan... Pero mas masakit 'pag alam mong wala kang karapatan at hanggang sa text ka lang... :("
♥ with a sad face talaga. in fairness, ang tikas mong magsese-send ng mga ganyan dati a.

*Dates Unknown*

"Lagi kong pinagdarasal na sana matagpuan ko na yung taong mamahalin ko ng sobra sobra...
Tinupad naman ni GOD, nakita ko na!
Pero nalimutan kong pagdasal na sana ...
mahal niya rin ako... :'("
♥ sorry to hurt you unintentionally.

"One of the reason why people hold on to memories so tight is because memories are the only things that doesn't change when everything else does. :'("
♥ i know what you're pointing here. past is past. :)

"Love is when you sit beside someone... doing nothing. YET, you feel perfectly happy. (:"
♥nafe-feel mo ba yun dati? 'di nga kita pinapansin gaano weh. kala ko ksi si anu kras mo. :)

"'E' is the most unfortunate character in the alphabet. it's always in ... blah blah blah ... but realize that ... blah blah blah ... *bottomline:* I would not have Ethang.ü "
♥ how sweet. ^^,

madami pa yan actually. ung iba mahaba, tinatamad ako mag-tayp. haha. obvious naman ata sa last kowt. o well, moving on. i did mentioned about "it nearly ended." wala lang, nag-flashback lang. it started sa isang blog entry, then phone call after him reading the said post (dahil 'di ako sumasagot sa text), na natapos pa rin sa text (dahil hindi ko pala kaya makipag-usap sa phone. haha. PERIOD).

SEPT. 26, 2007

"basta sorry po for treating you the way you aren't to be treated, aun, mali ung pagtrato q sau, kea kita nssktan, kea sorry, un ung problema q, ndi q alam kng panu ung tamang pagtrato dun sa mahal q,. Aun, sorry., sigh.."
"i don't want to make you feel that way, i won't dare try that. but what am i doing, it'a all i never wanted, am sorry for that. every effort i try, holds me back by my fear, and on every attempt. i always end up hurting you. SORRY. "
".hai. Mwawala na skn ung mahal ko.. Ayaw ko na ung part na to..."
♥ ooops! hindi naman. syempre everybody needs time to realize and think things over. kahit over and over and over pa. i'm not stupid to let go, especially of you. ;)

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