February 26, 2008

When It Hurts Like Hell

'to be the cause of other person's feeling of failure
because of your own failure...'
the feeling I hate the most.
when all efforts unseen.
all hardworks not appreciated.
and above all, when you become other person's source of failure.
you're lone failure becomes a load to bear by
people who had done nothing but to support you.
and you, with all your efforts and much hardwork,
gave nothing back but heartache,
again to these people who supported you all the way -
gave you everything you needed.
money, food, whatevers!
gave you all their understanding
with all incomprehensible reasons of staying to late.
geve you everything and everything...
it just hurts like hell...
is it that hard to give people chances?
who are you?
you're not God.
please remember that...

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