August 14, 2008

i say: "enough"

isang rotation lang, naka-strike 3 ka agad sa'kin...

don't ever expect for my understanding of your attitude problemS.

you've crossed way over my bubble, and for that...
SORRY, I'm no more Miss Good to you.

Hindi ako galit dahil pinahiya mo ako,
dahil hindi naman talaga ako napahiya...
You've said that in front of our groupmates and our Clinical Instructor,
they know better than you do, kahit ikaw ang naturingang group leader.
Kaya hindi ako napahiya...

[The Scenario.]
During last part of the presentation [presentation of the individual NCPs], each was introduced by the leader. For the others he plainly said their names, but for me:

"And lastly, the girl who burns the midnight oil and a BEAN SPILLER. Let's give her a round of applause..."

My groupmates just clapped their hand [they always do that as a sign of appreciation for me helping them with stuffs; i have nice relationships with them]. They did not know or i guess heard what the last part mean, but i do...

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