November 16, 2008

Two Weeks Time.

Yes, seems to be a short while but feels long enough for me not to feel any trace of the sem break that had just passed - again, in 14 days time.

Twas only 14 days ago that I arrived back from the province; and I do not seem to remember most of the things I, rather we had there.

My mind's occupied with lots of things. Review, homeworks, passing, this and that.
My heart? *shyly smile* Happy more than ever. I can say it's the biggest part on keeping me on track all this while that school's heating up again.

Glad to say in that two weeks time, I was able to bond with them. :)
Madagascar 2, pig out (I'm one small pig when eating with them. HAHA.), tv, laughters...

... more than I imagined.

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