December 22, 2008

Love Your Own.

Sports? NO WAY I'm going to engage in any strenuous activities. Yet I'm one big fan. :D

I used to be addicted watching basketball games, only the local ones, the PBA and the UAAP. With NBA, not too much.

Then with volleyball, from UAAP and NCAA to Shakey's V-League, where you'll see both colleges of different associations compete with one another.

Last volleyball game I saw was the DLSU vs. FEU game. Just last Saturday. T'was for the 71st season of the UAAP. FEU Lady Tamaraws was the defending champions. DLSU Lady Archers is the unbeaten team for this season's first round, gaining a rank 1 in the standings. On the other hand, the Lady Tams are on the 2nd place bacause of a loss against UST. DLSU's hoping for a sweep. But the fight is not over until it's over. :D and I support my school in this kind of things. With this kind only. *evil smile*

I'm just amazed how well the players are. Especially this girl:

Oyeah. #4 Shaira Gonzalez. Spiker. I didn't took my eyes away on her since I first saw her played. I just like how she plays but above all, it's how she reacts whenever getting a point. Reminds me of the original ice queen [another idol of mine] Wendy Anne Semana, but Shaira's a little more softer though. I like the humility in her expression that would look like bragging if other players will do it. She's young in the team but given much exposure. And I think she deserves the playing time. She actually delivered the best against their game with DLSU.

The Lady Archers actually nearly swept the Tams in 3 straight sets but I guess luck is just not in the Archers' side. FEU was able to win the 3rd set 28-30.ΓΌ Of course with the spikes of Shaira that they cannot answer. 4th set went smoothly for the Tamaraws' side; an easy win. Then came the 5th, everybody on their feet. The game is a classic. :) O well, the Tams won. And the best player... no other than, Shaira Gonzalez. *wink

Then yesterday, I was waiting for a game in NBN, perhaps replays of the recent V-league. Yet there were none, though I was in time to catch the NBN Sports show. It was my first time to watch that one. They have a Q&A portion in that show. Most questions were about Manny Pacquio and boxing and some on PBA. Then somebody asked about the RP team competing in China. The host announced that the RP team won the said competition and also announced who the members of this team are. I was surprised that 3 of them are from FEU - Barroca, Baracael, and Cawaling. The other names are unfamiliar. I guess not members of UAAP teams.

So that's it. HAHA. Got nothing to do during this break; I guess that's obvious with my posts. :D

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