December 22, 2008


NBA never fails to put a clown's smile in my face every time we're all together. And just yesterday I had the chance to see them again. Cloud 9 feeling. No dull moments. All laughter and giggles. :D

NBA stands for No Boys Allowed. An all girl clique formed during our Senior High Year although the friendship roots down since, for others, elementary years. The name could be giving an implication that we're all man-haters, but we're not. Almost all actually are or have been in a relationship. We don't live up with our name.

There are 15 members in all. Roll call (Based on the picture above, L to R):
Carla, Ayen, Aan, Sarah, Lauren, Thet, Julie, Me, Fraulein, Joaymah, (lower) Aiyee and Lordz.
2 wasn't able to make it. Those were Pachi and Joanna. While Marvz arrived late because she still has an exam.

I just love these girls so much. Each one is different yet we still can gel in well. I'm one proud member. :D Imagine being part of a group having pretty faces [ahem ü], loaded brains [we're from the pilot classes ü], humor [more than what you think], and kind and obedient hearts. What can you not be proud of? ü

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