December 20, 2008

This is my December.

There's actually due thoughts unpublished. And there's many of them.

I'm too lazy to post. HAHA. Just as lazy as the last two days of classes for the year. Imagine coming back to school from almost a week of being bum; I'm sure that would screw your condition for school. And add the fact that upon your comeback, exams are waiting for you. That's just NOT sooo nice. :)

But at least, it's done. It's over. Finished. And I don't think I screwed my exams because of my screwed condition; That would be enough to have peaceful mind for the Christmas break. :)

Few days ago were great. I did mentioned above that there were only two days allotted for school for this week but I did not feel as much. I was out almost everyday. HAHA. Ok, so I guess I just have to rant about those things and maybe I'll be able to remember some details I needed to say (that were postponed because of being one LAZY gal.)

* 12.09.08.
Start of the week-long break was Tuesday - Prelim exams in Pharmacology ended it.

* 12.10.08.
Had a make-up in the eLearning class. I was late... again. That's a 7 AM call time, I arrived around 9? Can't remember. :)

At home. Am I? I can't remember. Haha.

In to Market Market with family. Shopped for younger brother's exchange gift. Ate together. Window shopped.

Igi's house. :) Together with Andrei to help out with their Nursing Process. Met 'Sexy' for the first time. It's Igi's laptop; he named it Sexy because of the size.

Makati malls with the family. Landmark, SM, Glorietta. Bought some clothes and gifts, then bought some groceries.

I went to school just to get a handout for our exam in Community Development. Igi was suppose to have his eLearning but we decided to have it the next day, because I was scheduled for it the next day and his was flexible. So we just went to Gilmore to have Sexy reformatted. :) Then ate at Chowking Anonas. Poor service crew, and poor us. Hehe. He bumped to another customer and boom - spilled food on the floor. We have to wait another few minutes.

Probably the highlight of the week. :) An early Christmas, New Year, and Monthsary celebration. Watched 'Saw V' in Ba2gz and then ate at Krispy Kreme in Megamall. Thanks for this day. :)

School time. Postponed exam in CommDev. Too bad I focused on it instead of Nursing Research (since it comes first). I only had few minutes to review for Research, but luckily it's quite easy except for some out-of-her-lecture questions. :) NCM is much better going during the last days. But still, I'm not convinced when she speaks. Haha. No quiz. New professor in Pharma didn't showed up.

CommDev Prelim exam finally pushed through. No classes for Research. We prepared for a quiz in NCM, but again NO quiz because of time issues. HAHA. No Pharma! Early home.

Yesterday. Out again. 'Tambay' at Igi's place again. Just taking advantage of the time left (As if we're dying? Nah). He's out for the Christmas break. We won't be seeing each other for the holidays that's why.

Dear Term,

I'll miss you. Take care while your away. I'll do the same. 'Wag kalimutan magparamdam. Text, chat, etc. whatever you can just for me to know your doing OK. We have our New Year's Resolution already, right? I love you. Thank you for a wonderful year. Looking forward to another great year with you. :)

Your Term ΓΌ

Whew! A long post. Gotta go down and eat for now. Ciao!

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