March 23, 2009

Happy BDay G! ü

This bittersweet day I'll always remember...

Gaea just celebrated her 16th(?) yesterday. She texted last Compre Exam, inviting me over. I couldn't say no. I haven't gone there for quite some time because of the tight schedule in school.

There we're lots of teens, but they actually look... uhm, how should I state it. I don't know, maybe I'm just not familiar with their generation. We're not too far a generation, though.

There were the usual people in the house except Tito Noli. Din't saw him that day.

Dahil gusto na ng cake ni kuya, pinilit na i-blow ang candle kahit ayaw.

Cut naman ng cake. (Fake ang smile ni Gaea.ü)

Since it's a Sunday and we haven't attended the mass yet, we decided to hear the 7:30 to 8:30 mass. This really made me happy. Attending mass with him in their church was a plan long ago; so glad it pushed through even though he was on the verge of asking me to go back home because the discomfort in his nose and eyes starts to be unbearable. I really can't stand watching him whenever he's in pain and cannot do anything.

And like life, some things are doomed...
I only fear, that unlike life, I do not know how to live it...