March 23, 2009

Meet my Buruguduy

When this semester nearly ended, I started to get addicted to this Facebook application that somewhat resembles one of my used to be favorite PC games, which is SIMS; but instead of people, you have pets to take care here. I'm talking about Pet Society.

Ok, this addiction started on the eve of the first day of our last duty [hope you got that]. I was so neurotic I might not wake up early that I decided not to sleep at all. It's my first morning duty after a long time of being in graveyard or night shifts, that's why I'm that afraid. And the remedy for not sleeping was to just play this game, which to mention was really one of my plans to give a shot this break before the summer class starts.

I just want to share the different looks of my pet. Her [yes, she's a she] items are not the most expensive ones you can buy on the store. I got most of them from mystery boxes, that's why you'll find some rare items in her closet like tire dress, can hat, melon hat, and apple hat.

*Drumroll for my Pet* Hurray!

These are her current items.

I named her Buruguduy. HAHA. Not that cute, huh? I was just looking for something unique. Got that from one of Parokya ni Edgar's early albums - Buruguduyisyunstugudunstuy. That would be sooo long for a pet name so I cut the others out. :)

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