March 29, 2009

On the First Hours of Our 21st

Yes, I'm still wide awake; because I'm waiting for a reply.
Too bad things aren't going our way.

To you My Gemini:

I've sent my greeting, I'm waiting for yours. It's just between you beginning to fall asleep while waiting for 12 midnight or your balance really drained to zero. The later is acceptable, though you should have called or whatsoever instead.

I'm not angry, OK? I still love you. I always do. I can't afford to make steps now that could push you to resort on 'that' move again. Not again. Please.

Anyhow, Happy 21st monthsary still. :)
Praying to be with you loooooonger.

I miss how your day will not be complete if we're not able to talk.
I miss that your messages wakes me mornings.
I miss those sweet messages that cuddles me to sleep.
I miss how you never fail to say those 3 words everyday.
I miss how you feared we're not going to make it.
I miss you more than anything else...

P.S.Credit to Simply Sweet Designs for Digital Scrapbooking for the quick page I used here.


  1. Happy boitday! Time flies so fast, eh? Don't love stop loving! I adore the both of you. ;)

  2. Thanks mylabs. :) Sure, we won't. Thanks for always being there. Iloveyou!

  3. belated happy 21st monthsary to both of you

    hope your relationship will go stronger.