April 2, 2009

Staring at the Blank Page

Listening to: Insomnia [Acoustic] - Craig David

I'm wanting to have a sensible post but then there's nothing so interesting for me to tell. So I guess this would just be random thoughts I had for the past days.

1. Something to do.
Oh yes! After how many days of being in what they call summer break, I'm still thinking of what to do. That means something other than net surfing and changing my blog layout because my contentment never cease whenever I hopped on others sooo envious pages. :D

I know I can't go out the house except for family trips. I maybe allowed for certain instances but not ALL the time. I do not have money either, and I don't want to ask them for some. So I need to resort on doing something inside the house. And until now, I haven't found an answer. Yes, after looong time of being bum, I'm bummer more than ever.

I've tried every possible way that I could get hook on to something worth spending my time.
  • I've tried editing pictures, but I realized that's not really so sensible.
  • I've read a few chapters of this novel, which has great reviews on the cover, but then I stopped after finding out that it does not fit that much with my interest plus it has some bed scenes included. :D
  • I've tried out playing some songs with the guitar.
  • And now I'm down to being a radio freak. I'm not hearing music from the computer, instead I have my phone on radio to keep me going. And I think it's the nicest thing I have done so far this whole boring vacation I'm having. Nothing beats music. ;)

2. Officially enrolled.

I had my enrollment last Monday. It'll be an all-duty-summer-class. Our batchmates told us it will be four times a week and that this summer class will give us four units. Eh? Yes, 4 units for 22 thousand Php. o.o My worries now is that I only got 2 clinical uniforms. And if ever we'll be assigned in Health Centers, I only have 1 RLE uniform.

Speaking of Health Centers, summer is the time of the year young boys underwent this rite of passage to be called big boys. If you're a Pinoy, you should know what I mean. ;) That makes me look forward to be on duty on Health Centers this summer. I hope that didn't make me sound a pedophile.

3. Missing Friends.
I miss hanging and being crazy with my friends. Both my high school and college barkada. Again for the same reasons stated above. Luckily, I think me and NBA [my high school friends] will have a reunion again. I just wish it wouldn't be during the days when I'll be at the province as part of our usual Holy Week. With my college friends though, I'm not so sure when can we meet up again, I'm praying it'll be soon.

I guess that's it for now. :)


  1. nakuh sis! ganyan na ganyan din ako this summer... most of my time is wasted on the internet... i've got a lot of things that i wanna do this summer, pero kapag maka.on ang laptop ko, i can't help but stay online the whole day!! hehehe

  2. oo nakakabored pag summer kasi walang magawa. haha! buti na nga lang may practice ako for dance troupe and nandyn ang boyfriend, LOL.

    i know what you mean sis. good luck sa pagassist sa pagcirmcumsize ng mga young boys, hehe. mararanasan ko rin pag 3rd year na ko :)

  3. Pero sa COR MTWTHF ang nakalagay diba? Problem ko din ang uniforms ko. I asked nanay yung pwede nya ako mapatahian ng bago. Lol.

    Ang boring nga. I decided na sumama sa swimming ng pamilya and some family friends sa Manila East Club. Para naman makita ko muli ang totoong mundo. Wenks! Miming na!

  4. ahaha. ako din. internet lang lagi. :)

    saka iba na tingin ko sa "boredom."
    "free time" na yun sa akin.
    haha. :)

    pero puro free time na nga ngayon. nakakatamad. :))

  5. "something other than net surfing and changing my blog layout because my contentment never cease whenever I hopped on others sooo envious pages"

    Haha! Ako ganyan lagi nasa isip gawin, pero tinatamad nako. Sinusuka na ako ng internet. Haha!!!

    Gusto ko mgng productive this summer! But i dunno what to do!!

  6. WUHOO! Big hug for all the BUM! :D