July 14, 2009


Yesterday, we had this mini kokology session with Sir Owen before starting the lecture proper in our Humanities class. Hmmmkay, so what's this kokology thing all about. According to sir, its the study of life (since koko is the japanese word for 'life'), so something like that. It's actually like expressing some things that you suppress inside but by some means will be able to be released; and the means is through kokology. Added info he gave was that there are 2 books published in relation to this but they're quite expensive (I'm telling you just in case you're interested ΓΌ).

He told us he's doing this so that we could enhance our imagination which is needed for art appreciation - goal of Humanities. So the first one went like this: (*everyone closed their eyes and imagined what Sir Owen was narrating)

Sir Owen:
Imagine your in the middle of the desert. You're alone striving to get out from there. You can the see the vast sand, you can feel the heat, & scorpions nearing you. Now imagine a camel is beside you. It's the only being that was with you throughout your journey in the desert. You see your self uttering words to the camel. 1.) What are these words?

Continue imagining. You continue walking in the middle of the desert. Finally, you see an oasis. In that oasis you can see someone even from afar. 2.) Who is this person?

Continue imagining. Finally, you've found you're way out. Now you can see you're approaching a village, with houses and all. You're on the border of the desert and the village, you turned and look again to the desert, then you shouted something in the direction of the desert. 3.) What did you shout?

That was it. We openend our eyes then Sir gave the meaning of the answers we had for those questions he asked. He first explained that whatever answers we have, it will be connected to our love lifes (because in the kokology book, this was scene used by the authors), whatever status we are in, Sir said it'll still be applicable.

Let me share my answers now.
So for 1, I answered "Ano ba 'to?!". HAHA. :D
1 are the words you want to say to that person you love.
*Yeah, prolly with lost of words if ever I'll see him, I'll utter those. :)

2, Sino pa nga ba? I answered Igi. :)
2 is the person whom you turn to whenever I have problems.
*Maybe before. But not anymore. :|

3, I answered "Babay!"
These are the words you want to say to that love who hurt you once you've seen him/her again.
*Weh? :D

There was a 2nd part. Now imagining some creepy place. This revealed results that I move on easily whenver I face problems, that I cry alone within during hard times and that he still is the one I turn for my problems.

That's it for now. :)

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