August 31, 2009

Ako si Popoy.

Biographies of Mozart & Beethoven handwritten in Tagalog: Check!
Reflection Paper about Rizal as an International Man of Peace: Check!
Reflection Paper about 'Sa Aking Mga Kabata': Check!
Movie Analysis about 'A Beautiful Mind': Check!
So far, so good. But I still have some things left undone. That would be: 1) revising some corrections on our research paper, 2) drug study of 4 drugs, 3) an NCP, 4) study for our quiz regarding Maladaptive Disorders, and 5) complete my PRC from which was way overdue despite the fact that I actually have too little data to fill it up with (loser pa rin kasi ako pagdating sa cases). So those were still quite a number to finish but some of them may go some other day and so I can still insert blogging in that tight list. :D

I'm still thankful school has given me tons of things to work up on, and of course friends to be beside me nowadays.'Coz if not, I do not know how freaking am I now. This past week, I've been out almost everyday. ('Out' here means that after school, I got other agendas to attend to, meaning I don't go home straight :D).

Tuesday. I accidentally saw KC while walking to go back home. Instead of going home after a tiring return demonstration of Rescue and Transfer, I decided to hang out with them at Twyla's place.

Wednesday. I have my classes ended early. After having our ever-hassle-to-the-bone essay piece notarized, I proceeded to SM Manila to hang out with KC again, this time with Cheyserr.

Thursday. Finally that Essay sh*t is out of sight, we passed them to the Peace Center. This time, Shiela, Peca and I met up with a new friend. It was fun bonding with the Fab 6-7 of Group 15. I missed laughing that hard.

Friday. First real duty in Tala Leprosarium. Waking up at 3 AM sucks big time. o.o Every CI's on a hurry that day because of the Baguio thing. So we were dismissed early. We then went straight to Cai's place to watch A Beautiful Mind. :]
And for the days after Friday, that would be Saturday, Sunday, and today, Monday, I've been stuck inside the house. Literally, I have not even set a foot outside our door. :) That's how home body I am.

BTW, visit my Tumblr if you're interested. The link is found above, click on 'Melodramatic Me'. :]

P.S. Never mind the title. :]

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