December 29, 2009

I swear that moment, we were infinite.

Ok, so tonight I decided to clean up my e-mail. I haven't opened it, I guess, since my research days which were last sem. I just got to open it again today because I have files to send to my head nurse as part of my requirements. And hoooray, look what I found:

He never fails to add those 3 sweet words whenever he e-mails me something. We were classmates for 3 semesters, and most of the time we're groupmates, so we have files to e-mail one another.

He never lets the day pass without begging forgiveness to things he had done and he had failed to do. He says how sorry he was and admits to it.

He's a God-fearing man who never fails to pray for us. I was lucky, I know.

But that very same guy who once said those words, seemed to realize, I was not the one...

And those were the days I believed in forever.

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