December 22, 2009


I'm proud of how I can control myself on certain instances, just like on getting drunk. I don't have the highest tolerance on alcohol so I know when to say 'pass'. I only allow myself until the point of getting dizzy. But I must admit, that type of liquids are giving some boost on being more outspoken.

So yeah, I got the nerves of calling someone last time I got a bit drunk. I might not be the 'real me' that time but at least I got to hear your voice once more, thanks to getting drunk. I remembered everything that we've talked about, though that was just for a few minutes.

The day after that, I checked my sent messages. And I was a bit in awe when I read the last message I sent you before calling you up. I remembered sending you a message but I didn't remember what's the message itself. I was like, "Did I really sent him that?"

They say it's when your sober that you regret the things you've done when you're under the influence of alcohol. As for me, no I didn't regret any of it. It actually helped me, in a way, to release some tensions kept for some time.

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