December 17, 2009


  • I woke up late and went late for my 7 AM lecture.
  • I arrived at school around 8AM only to find out our professor's not coming.
  • Sweet 16 was assigned on the prizes for our Christmas party.
  • We went to Divisoria, as early as 9AM to buy whatever we can buy with the given budget.
  • It was a success, we even had side shopping for ourselves (blouses for 60 php, yay!)
  • Christmas party proper. Our last Christmas party as students.
  • I felt like I'm having my period, unexpectedly; and I did!
  • Then my head started hurting like hell. I assume just because of hunger.
  • Over bonding of BSN004. Games, foods, intermissions, gifts.
  • I got to pay my graduation pictures in full, and able to view it for the first time.
  • I was able to hug my very hug-gable bestfriend, Tin. Chat to the max! I missed her.
  • I received a bad news through text, completion days for OR cases includes the Christmas Eve. :(
  • Went to SM Manila to eat(?) No. To meet with Ate Jenna to give something... and then eat. :) Because my head started going nuts in pain again.
  • I took my less traveled route back home - the Pedro Gil route.
  • I didn't have dinner at home.
  • My head's still hurting at the moment.
P.S. I remember someone whenever my head hurts. He's the one who concluded it's because it's either I wasn't able to eat on time or I skipped a meal. And yes, if you're thinking it is him, then you're right. That's easy, you know he's my favorite topic like that.

A week to go before Christmas. Have a blessed holidays everyone. :)

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  1. I enjoyed the hug and the chat! Attend the party and enjoy or else I will feel guilty. I missed you too! :)