December 15, 2009

Into Another Form of Expression

Lately, I've been following a Tumblr site that really inspires me to go back to the type of expression I used to forget for quite a long time now.

Drawing is one of my many frustrations. During my primary grades, I've been often compared with my brother's drawing skills since we're in the same school. People thought that because my brother is good, I also do. But I guess drawing don't love me as much as I love her. No matter how much I practice, I can never be as good as my brother. So I gave up.

Until lately that I stumbled upon Sheena's Tumblr. I fell for her drawings. I fell for how she turns a diary entry into a beautiful drawing. I love the idea of drawing every memorable event you've had with someone you love... I love how it is so 'me'. From then on, I decided to give drawing another shot. And now I think, I'm starting from scratch. Because now, I have to do it on my own. It's not like any school project I'd ask my brother to draw for me (basically 'cause he'll question me why I'm asking him draw LOVE stuffs) because it's my memories now, not anyone else's. Here's my very first successful one: (need to work a lot more harder :D)

"Let me hold you for the last time. It's my last chance to feel again."
This is inspired by the Broken Strings music video.

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