February 1, 2010


At times, sadness is washed away upon knowing you're not alone of the feeling that's making you lonely. Though the thought of our writings doesn't really intend to make people happy (because of the mere fact that it is coming from a broken heart), it makes people smile because for once, they've finally found the exact words their hearts are screaming for. This is a post from Elisa's tumblog; she hit a part of me, we're thinking of the same:

Maybe love just isn't for me.

‘Hindi ka naman pala bobo, eh bulag ka lang.’

Love makes me dumb, blind and a hypocrite.

I haven’t had much experiences in relationships but from what I’ve been through, I think there’s a reason why I’m not destined to have lots of them. That’s because when I fall in love, I become crazy, really crazy. Yes, I will be the sweetest, most loyal girlfriend that you’ll ever have that I will make you the happiest guy alive but after that, mehhh.

I’m the type of girl that will hold on to the past even if it’s so long gone and even if I know that doing so will only hurt me continuously. Why? I don’t know, really. I don’t think I’m dumb but maybe I’m just the type of girl who doesn’t give up on people easily. Give me a million reasons why a guy and I can’t be together and I will keep looking for one reason why we should be together. I know what’s it like being left so I don’t wanna leave people, more so give up on them. It just feels… wrong.

But sometimes, I keep trying and trying and trying and… failing. But still, that doesn’t stop me and I think I know why. And I know a lot of people could relate to this. It’s because we’re afraid to be alone. We’re afraid that there isn’t anyone better than what we already consider best. Of course, because we think they’re already the best. We’re afraid of being left.

I’m afraid of being left. And alone. But I think, I really just have to be more open-minded and I have to just be patient. Wait. Because it’s all worth it in the end, right?

Be posting my due 365 photos later. Sorry for being lazy! BTW, it's February! Hmmmkay, just so you know.

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