February 1, 2010

Past, Present, Whatevers

I was backreading my blog to somehow 'organize' it. I clicked on the links per month of post since I started. To my surprise, there's a link for May 2009 but when I clicked on it, I had no posts. Ayeah. Hahaha. Now you can't see it on the archives anymore ('coz I removed it already). That meant one thing, I kept my mouth shut that whole month, kept every bits of whatever damn feeling I was feeling then. But I eventually released them the next month (see post).

I'm supposed to be in the same duty area with him but my groupmates have it re-assigned; of course not because of our 'thing' but because we already had our duty there. I can't make an appeal, kawawa naman kasi sila hindi pa sila nakakatapak ng FEU-NRMF unlike me. Hahaha. Peace. It could have been my advantage if it wasn't re-assigned because the place is near ours (except of course that I'll be seeing him for 5 days). I don't want to be on a separate duty from them, so yeah we'll be on duty tomorrow at FEU-NRMF.

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