February 19, 2010


I am delayed with my 365. I have 6 photos due, that would be Day 45 to Day 50, if I'm not mistaken. No, it has nothing to do that the next due post is actually February 14. I'm not overly bitter of the day so don't make a connection of me having to stop by that day of my project, ok? :)

It's just that I've been busy with school for the past week. It's only now that the thought of 'your-college-life-is-doomed' starts to creep me out. And it's only actually today that I had my off from school since Feb. 10 (Day 41) and that's because the rotation for the final term has started. So yeah, I just wanted to say that I do not know until when will this being busy take place because another hassle stuff came - Community duty. We'll be practicing COPAR for the last 3 weeks left in our college life, and to mind you, just the thought of all this thing for CO is makes me go "Huh?" *insert straight face*.

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