September 27, 2010


No one has it the perfect way; but keep in mind, someone always has it worse.

Things are going my way - the way I planned it. As my previous post would tell, I just passed my licensure exam on 'one take' and may now be called a registered nurse. I just received the second pay from my job that sorts of help my family in a financial way. I need not to ask for money from them every time I have to go out; just like when I have to get my oath-taking-tickets, which I would be paying on from my own pocket plus those registration fees needed to be paid. After how many years, my parents deserve this much needed break.

Now on the other hand, let me tell you a story of this person I know. He went to the same university as I do, with the same course as well. But he only stayed there for two years because he failed the battery exam. He transferred to another school to continue what he started. He ended up taking this four-years-nursing course for five years and didn't get to march during the commencement because he's an October-ian, and that is because he needed to take his Nursing Audit twice after failing the first. He took the board exam November of that year and sadly didn't get to see his name on the list of the board-passers. He took it again the second time on June and the same fate happened. He stopped trying after that. He tried applying for jobs. For the past years, there's only one job he could write down in his experience, and that is as a crew in Rustan's supermarket, where he didn't really stayed long enough because of an incident that happened. And to tell you honestly, he only got the job because his parents know someone inside. Now he's still currently unemployed.

How did I know all of these? I should know... because he's my older brother. These things make me pull back my happiness on the achievements I gained; worrying whether what does it do to his ego. Although he still remained the same brother, I know this somehow made him think over what he's doing in his life.

I'm not writing this to scrutinize my brother. I just hate the fact that it appears that I'm all that he's not. And that's the last thing I wanted someone to feel, especially, he's my brother. I tried supporting him in those things he's good at, like trying to make commissions on his drawings because he's an amazing artist. But it looked like he had given up even on this thing he loves (or loved), after my parents didn't support his choice of Fine Arts. My parents have reasons. He respected that because he is a good son. Now he's not sure where his obedience took him. He seemed lost, uninspired and unwilling.

Some people said before that he will eventually grow tired of just bumming around and will one day be determined to somehow make a change in his life. But so far, it hadn't happened yet and all I know is we're tired of waiting.

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