October 4, 2010

Romeo, My Romeo!

Way back in high school, I have found my love for basketball. I know it's a man's game. No, I don't love it as love when playing the game (hell, you can't get me to play any sports); but it's more of the love for the game as a fan. I remembered how I and my first boyfriend sent messages with each other whenever our favorite teams play on PBA (which he actually reminded me just a week ago by calling). We went through college, I then barely watch the games because of school works plus we already broke up second sem of first year which somehow made things worse since I've got nobody to share my thoughts about the game with.

My girlfriends are not super fans of the game, though they support the school's UAAP team, that's it. During our four years stay in the Uni, we never got the chance to be in the championship; it was always an 'almost but not quite'. Maybe our batch was the jinx of the team. :) Now after we graduated, they got the chance to be in the finals. They were actually the number 1 seed for the season. But then again, maybe some jinx are still in the school because it's another 'almost but not quite' story. Yes, we're again the second best, same fate with the Cheerdance Competition.

Now I've found another reason to watch a game. Only few players really caught my attention. And he's one of the few:

He's just a rookie, meaning I still got around 3-4 years to watch him in the court, for UAAP that is. ;)

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