November 12, 2010

A Farewell Too Soon?

It's almost 5AM and I'm still wide awake, accompanied by the soft music of our neighbor. This has been my body clock for months now since I got that call center job - my first ever job. Lucky me, no shift for today because of a holiday in Canada, and we're not allowed to makes calls.

Speaking of this job, I'll now confess that my stay there is doomed. I mean, it has always been. :) I never really planned to stay long in there. I don't like the idea of getting a different career besides the one that I have studied for. I feel that the longer I stay there, the more I'm withdrawing myself to my real profession. I have nothing against being an agent but I don't think it's what I really want.

My trainer once said "The job will always want to make you quit but the people will make you stay." True enough, it's only the friends I've made in the company that's making me stay. But I know I have to give up some things and I know they'll understand. They are also the ones who's advising me not to stay in there for long, knowing there's a brighter future for me outside. I'll miss you Team MBNA, Team Ethel. :/

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