January 3, 2011

Season for Gift-Giving

I think(?) this is the first Kris Kringle I was really able to join since God knows when. When I was still a student, I really don't get to join this stuff. I mean, we just usually got one gift-giving for Christmas and not on a weekly or bi-weekly basis like this. So this one's a bit memorable for me. :)

I'll be posting those that I received. BTW, the gifts are at least 50 php (because we're saving up for the outing that time) except for the last one which was worth 200 and where we already have a 'wishlist'.

#1: Something useful. A mug from Ate Emy while I gave a sanitizer to Lizzie.

#2: Something creative.
A toy/stress ball-with-Spongebob-that-lights-up-when-dribbled from TM Ethel while I gave a mirror that looks like a chocolate for Ate Emy.

#3: Something that represents your Monito/a:
An alarm clock from Rhea (because she's always sleepy on the floor and I'm the one who wakes her up) while I gave a toy/display that operates when there's light (so it's a solar thing), it's a flower in a pot and it's leaves move when there's light. I gave that to Cindy because she's an always smiling gal.

#4: Something long. A small bag with long handle (idk what it's really called) from Shame while I gave a belt to Mommy Winnie.

#5: Something soft: A stuffed toy from Rhea. I never really got this on time because Rhea is on another training that week so she gave this one together with the last gift because she's got my name again for the last round, which I doubt that she really did. I gave a stuffed toy as well, smaller than this one but same color, that's for Ate Emy again. :)
#6: Whatever that tickles your fancy that's 'swak' to the agreed price. :)
What I wrote in the wishlist:
"Owl necklace vintage style, meron nito sa Market 100 php. Plus big ring 100 din sa Market."
But because Rhea is tamad and Market Market is out of her way, she got me these instead.

No rings. But it's OK because they're both cute. :) On the other hand I gave Ate Aiza a sweat shirt which she wished for.

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