December 21, 2010

A December Outing (Late Post)

This actually happened last December 12. It was an outing almost a month in the making, so there were quite a few issues that happened along the way but even though, it pushed through and we all had fun. :)

There were options at the beginning but we ended to be city-bound still (though there were out-of-town places in the choices).

A resort within a village somewhere in Fairview, QC.

Random activities:

Videoke! :)

Jamming Session. JM on guitars.

Lunch time!

Dropped by Robinson's to buy stuffs. Jhe got a henna when we saw one.


Dinner at Bulalo Fiesta. We lied about Jerome celebrating his birthday that day so the stand-up comedians came over our 'kubo' to greet him. It was actually Big Mouth (a contestant in Pilipinas Got Talent) that came down to see him. Laugh trip as usual.

The boys with TM, Jhe and I didn't sleep at once when we got back to the resort, instead we drank a bit of the wine Kent brought. The next day, it was breakfast together then time to go home but then ended up strolling at SM Fairview before really heading home. :)

My Sideline. I've done this to 3 persons that morning.


Toy Kingdom SM Fairview. :)

Cute shirt from Artwork. :)

Til next outing guise. Bora? :) Haha. Though I'm not working with you anymore. I'm still part of the team right?

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