January 20, 2011

Wishlist #1

I have always been a sucker for bags. I want one for each occasion if possible; like one for the university (back when I'm still studying), one for going to the mall, one for parties, and so on. Actually, I think it's more of 'what-matches-my-outfit' feel that I look for in a bag that makes me want to have lots of them, so that I could get to choose.

At the moment, I'm already 20 years old and according to one of my bestfriends, my choice of what-to-wear has drastically evolved and I'll take that as a compliment. :) The thing is I'm always having a problem matching my 'new style' with those bags that I already have. All that's left to me are mailman bags that matches my younger years' style and those little formal purses that would actually match my outfit but wouldn't put up with all the things I usually bring with me.

Now since I still have some savings left from my last job. I thought of rewarding myself with some new handbags and went surfing online to look for some designs. I liked some of these Fendi handbags but there's no way I can be able to afford one. That would cost me all my savings. Though I must say, Fendi is really known for its handbags and would be worth it having to own one. But who knows, maybe in the future. :) I particularly liked this one because I think this could go with any outfit plus it's big enough to carry my planner, make-up kit, camera, and all those things I usually carry.

tobacco and blue quilted zucca 'Roll' large tote
Fendi tobacco and blue quilted zucca 'Roll' large tote.

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