February 1, 2011

Letter #1. A Letter to the Future You

Dear Future Me,

Of course I know you're still alive, most probably somewhere outside the Phils. And I know you have become what you wanted to be even though at the time you are writing this, you have no clear plans on how you will get there. But I strongly believe it's in the medical field. You don't wanna go wasting the license you have deservingly earned for 4 years if you ain't gonna pursue it anyways. I just know. You happen to have everything on your list of 'to buys' that you've written when you got your first job. I'm so proud of you. You are also able to cross out about 75% of your bucket list which again at the moment you're writing this, has only 3 items crossed out. You will still find it amazing every time you look back. That's so nice of you.

But there are more to these that makes you happy you can burp rainbows; and that's because finally you will also have you heart at peace. Not that it's full of hatred and stuff but because it hasn't felt high for quite some time. I know you'll have that someone special beside you right now. Like everything else you have, you don't know how it happened; all you know is it has taken him long before getting to you. Maybe he's someone new, someone that will 'sweep you off your feet' cheesy-ness or maybe someone from your childhood that you happen to re-connect again after a reunion. Whoever it may be, I wish you all the best. You may not have too many experiences with them but I know you will know better this time - to not give it all. to not let him be your everything. Because when all else fails, that will help you avoid going through the same 'picking-up-the-shattered-me' drama. But I feel, whoever it may be, he's going to be worth it.

Your Proud Present,

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