April 24, 2011

How Random Can I Get

This year's holy week is not the usual one that our family has. We usually spend the week in my mama's province but this year, we just spent it here in Manila. I was also thinking they'll be taking us swimming for Black Saturday, like what we do in Zambales since there's lots of beaches there; but instead we just watched a movie. Guess what movie? Pak Pak My Dr. Kwak! Haha. :)) Then we also bought a DVD Player since the one we have is always acting up, we can't use it for long. There's a pile of DVDs to watch, I don't know where to start. Haha. I want to do a lot of things. I'm jelly with my friends in CamSur right now, my rents wouldn't allow me to go that far a place especially on a holy week. Our family has this bad experience on travelling alone (meaning not a family trip) during the holy week. My father met an accident when they're on their way back home from somewhere in central Luzon during a good Friday when I was like 6 years old. I didn't know what exactly happened there. Sorry if this post is getting too random. Now aside from being somewhere near the sea and finish watching the stack of DVDs, I would also like to finish the Percy Jackson series, at least all the released books. I'm currently reading the Lightning Thief. The movie was way different from what I can remember but I loved it though. I also want to write, write and write. Haha. Am I not write, I mean right now? I have this bunch of stories in my head that I'd like to share. Owell, I guess if I have more spare time. I'm thinking of sleeping a less, but I don't think I can give up sleep. But I'm determined to do all these. But on top of all these, I want to finish that IVT training and get my license and find a job and earn ageyn! Haha. :) Happy Easter Sunday!

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