April 26, 2011

Anime Overload

Just finished watching the first season of Earl and Fairy yesterday. I have had the DVDs of this since college (a friend lent it to me), but as I mentioned in my previous blog, our DVD player likes acting up.

I'm no expert in reviewing if this anime is good or not. It's actually just now that I got to be interested in mangas and anime and that's all because of peer influence. This one's obviously a love story. Haha. But I just don't get how easily Earl (lead male) fell in love with Lydia (lead female). I just love all the people from fairy world here, the brownies, Marigold and Sweetpea, and Banshee even if she always cries.

A brownie.




But prior to Early and Fairy, I was already watching Kimi ni Todoke (which I again borrowed from the same person). This one's also a love story but not a fiction one. The story revolved around a girl named Sawako who later on became a loner since that incident she was mistakenly called Sadako (ghost from The Ring). But she eventually cleared things up and get to have friends again. :) I'm still on episode 8 though, but will try to finish it later.

Meanwhile, I'm also reading the manga Kare Kano right now. I'm just at Chapter 22 out of 102. Haha! Spare me, I'm a newbie at this. I actually didn't remember at first that you should read mangas from your right to left, it's different from comics, so it got me there. I can't follow the flow at first then I remembered the way it's supposed to be read. :D

By the way, Godrej and Boyce, the last company left in the world that manufactures typewriters, shuts down production plant. (Source: @gmanews) I was a bit saddened of this news coz I grew up using typewriters for my projects during grade school years. Oh well, with all the technologies coming out, it's really easier compared to typewriter days.

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