May 18, 2011

Celebrating Friendship

I thought the hardest time to set up 'get-togethers' is during college, given that we're from different schools and we have different schedules as well. Apparently, I thought wrong, twas even harder now that we're out of college. But of course, we cannot miss out celebrating our first year of friendship. Exact date was May 9, but then again, that day's not free for most of us, so we rescheduled it. And after a long debate, we ended up with a short notice get together. How short? Like, a day before. Haha. So yeah, we decided to celebrate it May 14 instead.

Holding our little angel - Myeisha. :)

Blow the Candle!

Potluck for the food and drinks. We had Jugno's Monster Pizza, which is really affordable for it's size. Also had Pancit Lucban from Buddy's, cake from Goldilocks, barbeque (idk where Lauren bought it but it's the group's favorite!). May seem a bit few, but trust me, it's too much for all of us.

We may all be graduates (and some professionals) already, but games are never really missed every gathering. This time, it's this kind of maze made of plastic cups with water. You need to get across the other side of the cups while you're blind-folded and being shouted upon, I mean instructed upon, by your team captain. Should be careful not to step on the cups and spill the water. If you do so, you need to start all over. :D Fun!

Team Shoulders! BOO!

Team Legs, We Are! :)

Ok. We lost that game. Haha. Twas full of shouting and got my voice a bit hoarse after. We just then had a little drink to Tanduay Ice and The Bar while having some chat. Oh men, talk about being serious! We are getting older. >.<

A BPI Assistant Manager bribing us with new bills. Haha.

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