May 20, 2011

Then When?

Here's one of my favorite books as a child. Haha. I don't know why but this reminds me of my childhood. Yes, my childhood is not fairy tales and other children stories. :) My cousin who used to lived with us has a copy of this that I like to browse every now and then during my grade school years. I remember typing the first part of this book so that I can have my own copy. But I eventually grew tired because for one, as a child, that's tiring and boring plus it's not the same feeling when I get to browse it with all the funny illustrations. When I reached college, I saw a copy in a bookstore, then I grabbed myself a copy.

It's actually a compilation of 'Philippine Superstitions and Folk Beliefs' as what's written in the front cover. The author divided it to subtopic like beliefs about death, wealth, love and marriage and etc. I'm familiar with some of the entries, as passed to me by relatives but most of it, I only learned here. It's fun to read coz you get to learn new things plus it will keep you wondering what's the basis for such belief.

If you wanna ask me if I follow any of these beliefs, answer is no. Hehe. For me they are just nice to knows. :) But I admit placing my notebook under my pillow before sleeping when I was a child, that is to retain what I studied the night before. It proves to be effective for me then, but now I believe all was just psychological. :)

This is one funny part of the book!

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