June 1, 2011

Gone Too Soon

I hate it when this happens. I always have the right feeling whether an ill person could still make it or not.

It happened again today.

Yesterday night, I received a news that one of my online friends is in a critical condition. She had difficulty of breathing. I just learned the same night that she's diabetic. For her age, I knew it was Juvenile Diabetes. She's just 14. We were all clueless how critical that 'critical' was. One of our friends decided to visit her in the hospital. She told us she was in the Pediatric ICU, comatose. We were all shocked. Being a nurse, I know the chances if she'll still make it but still, something inside me wants to hold on.

I can't sleep last night. I kept on seeing her face. Even though it was a short encounter, there's the feeling that I want to know her more, be her ate. It's just sad I cannot do that anymore. I tweeted her about how I cannot sleep, and that she's been in my mind. I told her to hold on and get well. I told her to remember I love her and how much we all love her. I still prayed for a miracle. I was afraid to fall asleep, I'm afraid that when I wake up, a sad news is what I'll be reading.

I think I was awake by 8 but I still don't want to get up. I decided to got up by 11. The PC's open, I checked Twitter, everyone's busy with Game 1 of NBA. I was relieved. No sad news. I checked Facebook, first thing I checked, Hannah's wall. Posted 8 minutes ago was a comment telling her to rest in peace. I don't know what to feel. I don't want to believe. I texted G to confirm it with Hannah's dad.

I tried diverting myself by watching the last few minutes of Game 1. I can't enjoy it. Until G replied, 'Totoo daw, nagreply na daddy ni Hannah.' (It's true, his dad replied.) That was it. All hopes gone.

I know you're in a better place now bunso. I remember that last time that we were together, I was amazed that you really looked like Charice. You'll always be remembered as the sweet little girl of the group, hindi marunong magalit, napaka-galang. You'll be missed. :') Ate Thel loves you. May you rest in peace.

Baby Hannah's the one in purple. Right most side.
This was taken during our surprise party for Japs.
Apparently the last time I also saw her. :(

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  1. Gosh, 14 years old lang? Nakakalungkot naman. It's really sad when I get to encounter blog entries like this. I'm thinking of valuing life more and all the persons that surround me. :( Haay, this is so sad. :( Rest in peace Hannah.. :(