June 16, 2011

It Takes A Little Getting Used To

There's this unexpected turn of events that affected my supposed plans for the first weeks of June. I was asked to be one of the bride's maid in my uncle and aunt's renewal of vows. Yes we were supposed to be in the province for my grandpa's death anniversary but the wedding's a week earlier so I was dragged to stay a week earlier.

With the Bride & Groom

Since it'll just be and my mom and little brother who'll be heading first, we decided to 'commute'. Last time I rode a bus for long trips was years ago, so I got a bit anxious whether I will throw up like I used to when I was a kid. Haha. I know this will be a boring week. No cable. No internet. Hot weather.

Iced Milo for Hot Weather
After taking a bath. No more make-up!

I was wrong. It's not that boring after all! Thanks to the adorable kids (my nieces & nephews), who are 7 in total. And we also subscribed to cable, so there's TV to keep me entertained. :))

I like playing with their hair. I bun these up for them. :)
Waiting for Amaya. :)

Come 11th and12th, everyone's busy for the Dasal. And like the previous years, I've celebrated my birthday (13th) there. I'm still not used to celebrating it there. It's a bit saddening coz I don't feel that it's mine. Most of my friends are here in Manila. I wanna have time with them on my special day. But I think I should already get used to it. :)

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