February 12, 2013


Was transferred to a different branch since 3 weeks ago. I can never really cope. Or I'm not try too hard kasi aalis din naman na din ako dito in a few days. The travel, the food, and most of all the comfort room privileges. Haha. 

I really want be consistent in blogging from now on since I have connection most of the time naman. So what happened during the hiatuuusss. Nothing much. I though I would be able to get out of this clinic which I've been planning to do long ago. But something's keeping me from doing so. Haha. I lost my Blackberry by the way last December. It was stolen. I got an android from my aunt which is not 'open-lined' so it's basically useless unless I have wifi which I have at home and at work (for now, in this branch). Hmmm, what else? Oh, my Indo (or Mee-maw for Sheldon), Aunt, and a cousin went home for the holidays so it was fun. :)

Too much blabbing, eh? Ran out of stories. Will try to post again tomorrow. :) 

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