October 14, 2008


Posted: January 15, 2007

i know i had been full of shortcomings
about the thing between us..

i know i took you for granted
most of the time..

i know i haven’t showed you enough
to mean what i’m saying..

i know i was just good with words..

i have proved nothing..

i love you but i didn’t
see all your worth until your gone..

now i’m suffering the whack
of this boomerang..

‘coz it’s striking me twice..

the simple scratch is now bleeding..

the simple disease is now close to dying..

but inspite all d pain, i tried to hold on..

now i’m not sure if i’ll still tighten my grip
or just loosen it up and let go..

i want to grasp..
but you’re giving me reasons to give in..

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