October 14, 2008

Mea Culpa

From Friendster Blog. Posted September 24, 2007

i hope you know that breaking you breaks me more.
i never intended to make feel you whatever you had felt.
and i do hope you also know that i felt twice the feeling it caused you.
it pains me seeing you in agony.
and it pains me even more knowing that i caused such unwanted feeling.
my bad.


isn’t it amazing seeing yourself reflecting back at you?
i mean seeing your life just in front of you.
that no matter how shitty it may had gotten,
just upon seeing this other you made you wonder
if you’ve really been too good to have received such blessing.

simply staring at him stopped the time,
made you forget about the damn world,
and eases all the anxiety thrown upon you.

it made me realize, life’s not that unfair.

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